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Eyelash Design

Classic Set - $170

For clients who want to achieve the appearance of mascara, while maintaining a more natural, subtle look.

Volume Set - $220

For clients who want more fullness and length while achieving a specific style based on the client's natural eye shape.

Hybrid Set - $195

A 50/50 blend of Classic Lashes and Volume Fans, resulting in a more textured look.

Half Set - $85


Eyelash Fills

Two-Week Classic Set Fill - $70
Three-Week Classic Set Fill - $75
Two-Week Volume Set Fill - $75
Three-Week Volume Set Fill - $80
Half-Set Volume Fill - $50

Eyelash Tint & Lift

Eyelash Lift - $85
Eyelash Tint - $45
Eyelash Lift & Tint - $100

Eyelash lift and tint enhances the appearance of your natural lashes by perming your lashes upward for a natural curl & darkens the lashes for maximum results!

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